About this Blog

The writing posted here
supports a vocation to

collaboratively vision and manifest
a reality where I, humanity as a whole,
Earth and her systems, as well as the Universe,
expand in the most ideal way possible.

As this vision became clarified, I asked,
as any capable business strategist would:

“If I consider my self,
humanity, Earth and her systems, and the Universe
as a business, my business
what are the key strategies
necessary to make this vision a reality?”

Collaboration with many insightful thought leaders
revealed the following three strategic elements
I perceive necessary to successfully realize this vision:

1. Recognize and act on the reality that all matter is interconnected,
i.e. Earth's future is our future

2. Shift from the opposition of that which is different
to respect and incorporate diversity into a unifying oneness

3. Expand personal and collective heart/mind
consciousness and capacity