First Response-Ability – v2.0 Upgrade

Also known as the answer to "WHAT CAN I DO NOW?"

The Short Version

V2.0 facilitates the User to take what seems like poison, and turn it into medicine.

First Response v1.0 Users have reported wrestling with a great deal of unconscious internal thought or feeling several times a day, including overwhelm, hopelessness, helplessness or anger, all of which powers more of the same both internally and externally.

The First Response v2.0 Upgrade facilitates the User becoming aware of their First Response feeling or thought. If the feeling or thought does not come from an empowered place, V2.0 prompts you to ask yourself, “What is the opposite of this thought or feeling?” 

Example: If your First Response thought is overwhelm, perhaps the opposite is “clarity.” Or if your First Response thought is “hopeless” the opposite might be “trust.”

The User is prompted to breathe in while quietly saying the word “overwhelm” or “hopeless.” Then as the User breathes out, v2.0 prompts quietly saying the word meaning the opposite of overwhelm, clarity or whatever has been identified, which would be in this case “clarity” or “trust.” Then, v2.0 keeps the loop going on in the background as the User moves through the rest of the interaction.

Allows the User to transmute unconscious thought and emotion into conscious positive energy.

The Details:
Consider this upgrade if you have recently experienced a moment where you thought, “I don’t want to hear/know/see this, because I have no idea what to do about it, or the time to do it if I did know.” Instances that may initiate this phrase looping in the background:

· the boss describes the proposal you need to write before 10am tomorrow
· the moment you discover your partner’s infidelity
· hearing a bill collectors voicemail
· absorbing news about war, poor veteran treatment, resource scarcity, betrayal by leadership
· teenage children spewing their intolerance for our intolerance
·  upon receiving news of a loved one’s death

Evolving Operating Environment
Thought represents a unit of energy, and the positive, negative or neutral feeling attached to that thought yields an emotion.

Emotion = pressurized energy.

Over the last decade platforms connecting the individual to the collective, like Facebook, text, email, and Skype are now firmly plugged into our consciousness.

A First Response thought and emotion is generated to an exponentially greater volume and velocity of awareness, news, and information.

Individuals have ample and ever-increasing opportunity to contribute a great deal of pressurized positive or negative energy in to the infinite field of possibility.

Upgrade Overview
Version 2.0 Upgrade takes the individual’s First Response ability from unconscious generation to the improved, ­exponentially more productive Version 2.0 – conscious generation.

Example: When the User receives an aggravating email message, or enters a conversation about something less happy, exciting or positive than winning the lottery, or perhaps is absorbing a Facebook link about the horror our American soldiers are enduring or perpetrating, or when someone is dogging your favorite vehicle or political party leader you will observe what you feel in those initial moments.

Maybe there is tingling at the back of the hairline. Wait 3 seconds and the feeling morphs into a clenched jaw and tightened shoulders. Perhaps it the word is defensive or judgmental, but first the throat constricts, causing you to swallow hard. Or maybe you become aware of sucking your cheeks in just a little bit? (Really face OR butt cheek contractions are both indicators on this one.)


First Response V2.0 DELUXE With this Upgrade Package the User is able to not just identify the thought or emotion behind their own First Response, but also that of person or situation they are interacting with. The DELUXE package allows the User to monitor and address their own First Response while concurrently identifying and transmuting the unempowered thought or emotion of the other person or situation.

Example: User’s best friend calls with the news his partner has been secretly seeing someone else. With the First Response v2.0 DELUXE package installed the User will identify and transmute their feeling of overwhelm, hopelessness, anger, judgment etc. into clarity, trust, calm, acceptance. Simultaneously the User will first identify the prevailing thought and/or emotion represented in the energy of the other person or situation; then commences the transmutation of the unempowered energy into something that empowers the exchange.

In this sample case the User might identify “pain” as the energy to be transmuted into “healing.” By breathing in the word Pain, then breathing out the word Healing, the Users of First Response 2.0 Deluxe consciously provide the most energetically conducive space for others to express their thoughts and emotional energy.


Take the First Response 2.0 Version Upgrade Public! 

When absorbing something that twizzles the you in some manner, comment by saying – “As I took this in, my First Response was ‘___.’ However, as I  sat with it a moment realized I am able to upgrade my First Response to ‘____.’”

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