Leveraging Thought in Gratitude's Soil

A vision of what we could undertake with our collective thought and emotional energy.

The Short Version

The word "monsanto" means "sacred mountain" 
This name carries the seed for a profoundly different reality.
Let's create it together.

I propose to test the possibility of manifesting a new entity, one that is as powerful as the Monsanto Corporation, yet profoundly different. This test will involve the engagement of our ability to change the energetic vibration of collective thought from what we fear, are angry with, and judge as wrong, to a different collective "thought" - planted in the energetic vibration of gratitude, joy and love."

 The new collective thought I propose to launch into the infinite field of potential 
will focus on what we desire:

an entity as powerful as Monsanto,
that treats the Earth and all systems it supports 
as invaluable partners.

The Details:
In my world view I have become keenly aware that an individual and collective consciousness exists. An individual’s thought that originates in the emotion of fear or anger holds a much different vibrational frequency than thoughts originating from the emotional energy of gratitude, love and joy (the opposite of fear.) Further, I recognize vibrational frequency is magnified as more and more people contribute thoughts of a specific frequency. 

As an individual and as a collective we possess the ability to carefully, consciously choose our thoughts, and to keep our vision and purpose fixed on the manifestation of those things that we most desire to experience - for the betterment of the planet. If I remain unaware or "unconscious" of my power to direct my emotional frequency and focus of my thought/intention, I continue to produce the same results over and over again.  When a different thought and energetic emotional power is employed, a different reality is experienced.

As individuals and as a collective, have an incredible opportunity to evolve the thought and emotional base which drives the reality we experience personally and planetarily. 
If the idea of thought and emotion as elements of creative frequency to be carefully tuned is a bit mystical or esoteric, you could consider the thoughts and the various emotional energetic forms (love and fear) as seeds and soil. Thought seeds planted in the soil of fear/anger will produce a harvest of the kind and quality of the seed and soil used. By the same token, carefully chosen seeds, our projected thoughts of love-based creative intent, planted in a soil of gratitude and joy will produce a different outcome and effect based on that quality of seed and soil.

As we see in nature, everything produces in kind. The same is true for thought energy.
My awareness of "emotion as a power resource that brings my intentional thought into experienced reality" has led me to explore how emotional and thought resource could be applied to things that would change our planet for the better. I could focus on any number of individual or planet changing topics, but in this post I am choosing the Monsanto Corporation as an example: Currently Monsanto Corporation attracts and generates a phenomenal amount of emotional energy centered on the vibration of anger, fear, confusion and judgement. What this corporation does has done an incredible amount of damage historically, and continues on its destructive path even today. The emotional thoughts many are thinking represent immense energy under pressure. In my worldview - these collective thoughts are most certainly generating a high pressure vibrational feast of fear, anger and judgment with regard to Monsanto. It stands to reason that Monsanto Corporation is both attracting and generating more of the same.

What I want to explore is employing a willing collective to focus their intention and emotional energy to manifest an entity as powerful as Monsanto that treats the Earth as an invaluable partner.

We are testing our capability to generate a reality that holds a profoundly different entity, going by a different name, and serving the planet and humanity in a profoundly different way.

The collective I envision will use the available emotional energy around Monsanto and create something equivalent to the organic compost we use in our gardens.  All that fear, anger, judgement, and hostility will be brought to the table.  There we will intentionally work the existing emotional energy to nourish and nurture its de/re-decomposition into the vibrational frequency of "gratitude-based-thought".  This evolved energetic "matter" will then be deliberately spread into the infinite field of potential to test the possibility of generating a different outcome. 

Our goal is to manifest an entity 
accomplishing the opposite of what we see coming out of Monsanto. 
At my drawing table, is an idea to test a collective's ability to transmute the powerful negative energy that issues forth, from and toward Monsanto by identifying the opposite thought or focus for each complaint, fear or anger element currently in play. The process I envision is to:
  • Visualize and methodically describe a "new" focus by identifying "what is the opposite of each element that generates fear, anger or judgment?"
  • Gather the "positive" elements identified and weave them into a story of what the new entity will be capable of and accomplish.
  • Generate emotional energy (pressurized energy of gratitude to be put into the field of infinite potential) by articulating specifics (ex: how the Earth's population will feel, what the future will look like with the power of this new entity on board, how it will impact our children) to tie the collective's positive energy clearly to the new picture being generated. For instance: Currently it is perceived Monsanto's strategy is to control all manner of our planet's seeds. This collective will articulate and visualize what the opposite of that might be. Perhaps together they articulate, "A powerful entity who is working collaboratively to safeguard and distribute all manner of the planet's seeds."

    In this way, issue by issue, elements that define the focus of fear and anger will be noted, then an opposing, positive element articulated, along with the emotion this positive element would generate if it already existed.
  • Once a full and nuanced vision has been collectively generated, the group will act with focused intention to channel their energy of gratitude, endorsement, "love" and excitement, along with intentional thought we've identified through our visioning process, into the infinite field of potential at set times each day, wherever they are located.
This visioning and collective focused energetic practice of creation represents the process we will use to fill the field of infinite potential with the type and vibration of thought energy that supports what we want, rather than what we don't want. I believe whatever vision this collective generates has the potential to be exactly what is needed at this point in Earth's expansion.

I invite you to contribute your emotional energy and intentional thought to the manifestation of the reality we desire.  Will you join me?